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The wonderful world and matches of Brendaniel Funny Wrestling. BFW is the Wild West of wrestling.

"Beat your feet to the meat, it's Brendaniel Funny Wrestling."

Brought to you by TBS and, which allowed the showing of wrestling once again, and is going to destroy the competition.

"Show wrestling once again, once again wrestling is on top and it's going to destroy the competition. Wrestling itself is the perfect artform and most powerful artform there ever has been." -Brendaniel, 2020

"If I, God, wasn’t a wrestling fan, why would there be wrestling?" ~God


There is an enormous roster of characters in the BFW universe, both Commentators and Wrestlers, all vying for glory in Funny City.

List of all Wrestlers

List of all Referees

List of Titles

Brendaniel Stebby Eze Ferpy
James Julia Minkle Tim
Roach Seabuff Zed


BFW runs on short "seasons" split into roughly 15-20 episodes, here you will find a list of seasons and the contents of their episodes.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

World Building

Brendaniel Funny Wrestling is jam-packed full of the most despicable brain-melting lore you will find all week; with many locations and tidbits to learn while tuning in to the stream, you can find them here:

World Building
Funny City
Match Rules
Official Deaths
Scary City

Note: Everything here is fictional and only for the funnies.

To experience shows live as they were meant to be seen, visit BFW usually airs on Sundays at 7 PM CST.

Current Champions